About us

The Organic Humanity Movement is a nationally registered political party contesting the 2024 elections. We want to Liberate South Africa by transforming our governance and electoral system, and empower the people of South Africa to be independent of government and corporate control. Our over-arching aim is to protect and preserve individual liberty and humanity by instituting a better form of democracy and empowering citizens to hold government accountable. 

Some of the ways in which we want to improve democracy are through changing the electoral system to allow for voters to vote directly for the president of the country, dissolving political parties to make way for independent candidates only who are geographically based, and making the voting process more accountable.  


Once we have an improved electoral system, and therefore, a better democracy, we will be able to strengthen the nation to solve internal issues and guard against international threats. More importantly, South Africa will be able to design a national development plan independent of global organisations' agendas and start governing with the people of South Africa as first priority.


Become a Member

Are you tired of watching helplessly as South Africa gets destroyed? Do you want to be part of South Africa’s success story? Do you want to join a community of active citizens who love South Africa? By joining this movement, you become actively engaged in the work of transforming South Africa, and you get to link up with a community of OHM members united by the 6 principles of OHM and the vision we have for this promising nation. This is your chance to become pro-active, and become part of something that is positively contributing to the improvement of South Africa.


We like to provide fun and engaging ways to introduce the public to OHM. Throughout the year we plan numerous outdoor activities across the country where OHM members gather and where anyone interested in learning more can meet us and learn all about what OHM is doing to transform South Africa through system change.


Our calendar gets updated regularly. You can view it by clicking the link below. For any further enquiries or to book your spot at our next activity, SMS/WhatsApp 066 556 9940.



Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the leadership of OHM?

Lauren Evanthia Bernardo is the sole founder of The Organic Humanity Movement, which she began at the end of 2017, after three years in politics and local government. After realizing the flaws in the current political system, she set out to change politics forever in the country by starting a movement that empowers people to liberate themselves, and thus liberate the country.

Lauren is joined by 6 NEC members, who make up the leadership of the OHM, who assist in decision making and the general running of OHM.

How You Can Contribute

The Organic Humanity Movement is completely funded by its members and supporters. We get no funding from government or corporations. Through the generosity of our members, we are able to grow. You can help too by making a once off donation or a small monthly donation.


Banking details: The Organic Humanity Movement, Nedbank Current Account, Acc No 118 4199 655, Branch Code 198 765


Volunteer With OHM

There are various ways you can help OHM grow so that we can reach our goal of liberating SA from global agendas and create a strong, sovereign nation.

This is a life-changing project that you can be part of. In the form linked below, you will find various capacities in which you can volunteer. It will be helpful if you either have relative experience in what you choose to volunteer for, or at least confident in your abilities to perform in that function.

A gentle reminder that no there is no remuneration for any volunteer work within OHM. If you need more clarification on what each role entails, please reply to this post. We look forward to working with you to grow this movement so we can live in freedom!


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